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Hailing from the Charm City known as Baltimore, MD; Michelle E. Williams was always a natural
born leader. She led an exciting and adventurous childhood that was also filled with complicated
memories and loneliness. Michelle persevered and earned a B.S. in Business and Healthcare
Administration at Sojourner Douglass College. She went on to complete her graduate education
at Towson University with an earned dual Masters in Human Resource Management and Public
With 24+ years of experience in human resources, Michelle is seen as a leader in her industry.
She has a passion for providing creative solutions that produce big results in higher education,
government and healthcare sectors. Michelle is also an adjunct professor at several higher
education institutions where she teaches human resource courses.
Michelle had even started her own consulting firm known as HR Innovations 3000. She also
enjoys volunteering, teaching, public speaking and helping others in need. The Color of Pretty is
her first published novel as an author. She currently resides in Baltimore and is enjoying life as
an empty nester.

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